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The Big Fear with Lindsay Gibson

Ever felt like you are too scared to do something? Or have you ever found yourself unable to enjoy success or good luck because you are expecting the other shoe to drop? You are experiencing a normal reaction to pushing yourself past your normal limits. And if you have experienced or grown up with trauma or emotionally neglectful and immature parents, it's likely you have even fears of dying or a foreshortened future.

This episode is another conversation with best-selling author and psychologist, Dr. Lindsay Gibson as she and Ameé talk about the Big Fear - the internal protection system to keep us from re-experiencing pain if we try to do something different or in alignment with our true selves. In this episode, you will hear:

  • How people who have CPTSD experience beliefs of a foreshortened future or dying early

  • The family systems and dynamics that are at the root of The Big Fear

  • Why death is central to our Big Fears

  • How the Big Fear is connected to self-sabotage

  • Techniques to help overcome the Big Fear

Listen on your favorite podcast app or click the players below to listen or watch on YouTube.

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