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and consulting

One-on-one strategy and support for when you need an answer, a fresh look, or a point in the right direction.

leadership & Business coaching

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges of running your own company and successfully balancing your professional and personal life. 

As a business leadership coach, I help you build self-awareness, emotional and social intelligence, self-confidence, and communication abilities which will help you grow professionally and personally. I teach my clients how to think more holistically about their business strategy and people strategy.

My leadership coaching helps leaders create inclusive and psychologically safe cultures by building respect in relationships with others and an individual's relationship with themselves.


Cultures start with leadership, so I focus on helping leaders become more aware of how they operate within their environments.

Leadership coaching is available for executives, solo practitioners, or as professional development for employees. It includes one-on-one sessions, group coaching, and workshops.

Recruiting, Hiring, & talent strategy

I have been a branding, marketing, and business development professional with twenty years of experience creating corporate identities, brand positioning, and marketing campaigns. Today I bring this expertise to my consulting work as I help companies recruit and hire great employees.


I consult with human resources and recruiting teams by applying hiring tools that incorporate behavioral and cognitive insights to help create compelling job advertising campaigns, reduce the uncertainties and biases in the selection process, help improve new employee onboarding processes; all while maintaining an appropriate tone of voice for your business' culture.

I also help leaders to help identify strategic objectives, reveal natural behavioral strengths and gaps, and show the leaders how to take action to purposefully build a talent strategy that maximizes the odds of boosting performance and results, as well as a team where everyone thrives.


mini package

(3) Sessions


focus package

(6) Sessions


power session

(1) 90-minute session


Rates shown are for video calls. Contact me for in-person rates.

All coaching/consulting calls are 60 minutes (except for the Power Session) and can be recorded by you and saved so that you have ongoing access to the information you learn in our meeting. 

I also provide between-meeting email support which includes reviewing and answering brief emails or questions (up to 30 minutes of read/response time.)

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