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bringing trauma-informed awareness to leadership, business, and self-improvement.

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"If you are starting out on your entrepreneurial journey and want a good dose of inspiration, can-do spirit, and absolute ‘tell it like it is’ frankness, then this is a great read. Ameé shares her very personal insights and experiences in building businesses without a parachute, flying solo on the entrepreneurial journey, and surviving to tell the tale. "

— Melanie Hawken, founder & ceo, Lionesses of Africa

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"Ameé Quiriconi's book is a guide for smart, ambitious women who want to make their mark on the world with confidence. She walks you through a practical step-by-step journey to shifting your mindset and calling on your own resilience and resourcefulness."

- Rachel Beider, Bestselling Author of “Massage MBA: Run Your Practice, Love Your Life” and Globally Recognized Small Business Expert.

"Ameé is that rare combination of real world success paired with a talent for teaching it to other people. Reading her book is like sitting down for a drink with your smart friend who has been through the wars and has all the tricks for survival that might just save your life down the road."

"Ameé covers everything women need to know about having a huge impact on the world with their businesses - from confidence, to making money, handling haters, and living your values and integrity. If you want to be unstoppable while creating a sustainable business, this is a must read."

- Melanie Childers, Master Coach for feminist entrepreneurs


about Ameé

Ameé Quiriconi is a business & leadership coach and consultant. She is also the author of "The Fearless Woman's Guide to Starting a Business: What Every Woman Needs to Know to Be a Courageous, Authentic, and Unstoppable Entrepreneur." 

As an entrepreneur herself since 2002 when she founded her first company in Seattle, Ameé has been through it all. She has built scalable companies from an idea at the kitchen table to entire operations. 

After overcoming her own personal and professional struggles, including overcoming abuse, Ameé became an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness. She hosts a weekly podcast called One Broken Mom, which tackles mental health and understanding the impacts of trauma and dysfunction on our lives today. 

Through her work across many industries and organizations with one or over 500 employees,  Ameé knows firsthand the importance of balancing professional growth with personal development. Her innovative approach helps clients bridge the gap between their "business self" and their "authentic self." Ameé is also a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship, women in business, and trauma-informed leadership practices for individuals and organizations.

speaking & training

Are you looking for an engaging & motivational speaker or moderator for your next conference, event, or corporate training who can speak about mental health, leadership, entrepreneurship and how we need to do business better?

Accepting only paid speaking events. Please email me for rates.

coaching & consulting

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader looking for a leadership coach to help you build skills, self-awareness, and self-confidence? Do you need help creating a balance between attending to your own needs and vision, the needs of your organization – and the needs of those you lead?  


Are you looking for a great resource to help you grow and develop your self-awareness so that you can build your resilience, emotional intelligence, and a deeper compassion for yourself and your life experiences?

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