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For over twenty years, I have been entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant and I realized during my own business journey that something was missing in the world of business books for women.

And that was the honest and real answers about how for most of us, throughout our entire lives, have grown up within a system rigged against women to be entrepreneurs. Through a combination of data, neuroscience, true stories, humor, and the type of frankness that you would expect from your best girlfriend,  The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business will tell you the real reasons about...

  • Why we feel less entitled than we should.

  • Why we undervalue and underprice ourselves constantly.

  • Why we fear speaking up for ourselves and protecting our rights.

  • And why we are afraid to be authentic and go after what we really want.

Because I know if you know the truths and how to overcome them all, you will be able to create a business that will allow you to thrive.


This is your chance to become who you were always meant to be.

Why not be fearless?

"Ameé Quiriconi's book is a guide for smart, ambitious women who want to make their mark on the world with confidence. She walks you through a practical step-by-step journey to shifting your mindset and calling on your own resilience and resourcefulness."

- Rachel Beider, Bestselling Author of “Massage MBA: Run Your Practice, Love Your Life” and Globally Recognized Small Business Expert.

"Ameé is that rare combination of real world success paired with a talent for teaching it to other people. Reading her book is like sitting down for a drink with your smart friend who has been through the wars and has all the tricks for survival that might just save your life down the road."

"Ameé covers everything women need to know about having a huge impact on the world with their businesses - from confidence, to making money, handling haters, and living your values and integrity. If you want to be unstoppable while creating a sustainable business, this is a must read."

- Melanie Childers, Master Coach for feminist entrepreneurs

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