Achieve Your Goals.

Start Your Small Business.

Be Unstoppable.

The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business is a book for freedom-seeking female entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who want to know how to connect with their true passions, skills, and desires—and want to get honest with themselves about their reasons for wanting their own business, so they can find true and personal success.

Learn what type of new business you want to lead. Through a combination of data, neuroscience, true stories, humor, and the type of frankness that you would expect from your best girlfriend, this book will help you determine the real reasons and motivations behind starting a business—and then dare you to dream big about what being the head of a woman-owned business can do for you.

Find real tools for real women in business. When creating a start-up, it can be difficult to stay the course—to choose yourself and stay motivated on the hardest days. But don't worry - I have your back.


In The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business, learn about:

  • The main reasons business owners report for why they closed their businesses—and how you can avoid their failure

  • Specific techniques and insights needed for building a new business and brand that is authentic to who you are

  • How to turn your side hustle or hobby into a money-making endeavor

  • Strategies for navigating the sometimes-hostile world businesswomen live and work in every day

Readers of business books and entrepreneurship books for women like Girl on Fire by Cara Alwill Leyba, Fear is my Homeboy, or Boss Up! will love The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business.


Update in 2020 with new information!

Originally published in 2016, this book was the first of its kind "how to" guide for learning how to develop a wedding venue business on rural property. Since its publication, the original book helped thousands of people take their first steps into being a venue owner. And now the second edition has even more to offer! 

Looking at current conditions in the event industry as well as expanding key chapters, unlike the original, this book has been re-written for anyone at any stage of the wedding venue business planning process.  Whether you are just dreaming of someday owning your own venue or a couple of years into venture, this book will have something you are looking for. 

Whether you own your own property or not, if you are looking for a great opportunity to take your real estate and turn it into a revenue-generating business, this book will show you how. 


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