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Are you a boundary violator?

Are you a boundary violator?

If we are not aware of our own boundaries and how we violate them, then it's very easy to be unaware that we're violating other people's boundaries. We may think that what we're doing is helpful or even beneficial for the person whose boundary has been violated but in reality, it can cause more harm than good. In this episode, Ameé talks with professional coach Audrey Holst about raising our self-awareness around whether we unintentionally and regularly violate other people's personal boundaries.

Do we do things because we think we know better? Do we invalidate other people's decisions because we don't understand them? Are we really trying to help others or are still just trying to take away our own discomfort? And if so, why do these things matter anyway - especially when someone else doesn't seem bothered by whatever it is that you've done! In this episode also learn what to do if discover that violating other people’s personal boundaries.


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