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The Fearless Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business is a book for freedom-seeking female entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who want to know how to connect with their true passions, skills, and desires—and want to get honest with themselves about their reasons for wanting their own business, so they can find true and personal success.



Ameé launched her show, One Broken Mom, in May of 2018 to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month as well as Mother's Day, Her goal, at that time, was to interview experts in the field of childhood trauma and parenting in order to collect anecdotes for a future book about the role of mothers in our society. 

And then plans changed as she found her voice, rhythm and deeper purpose.


While the show still does touch on parenting, as many listeners know, "No children are required" in order to gain something from the episodes. And that is because what links us all together is not that we are parents but that we had or have parents.



Ameé is a podcaster, author, researcher, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and mother. 


Her journey of personal discovery began as she dealt with, yet again, another significant life upheaval and wanted to find a way to stop the self-sabotage once and for all. 


Along the way, she uncovered the truths about how our brains form and the impacts of adverse and traumatic experiences in our childhood on our lives as adults and found a purpose in teaching knowledge to others. 

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