I am a podcaster, writer, researcher, speaker, entrepreneur, and mother. 


My journey of personal discovery began as I dealt with, yet again, another significant life upheaval and wanted to find a way to stop the self-sabotage once and for all.  Along the way, I uncovered the truths about how our brains form and the impacts of adverse and traumatic experiences in our childhood on our lives as adults and I was stunned.

I stopped dead in my tracks and knew that not only was it important to make changes to improve my life but I had to start right away with making changes to my parenting so that I didn't rob my two teenage children of their fullest potential by continuing the detrimental actions that parents pass down to their children over and over again, generation after generation. 


Today, I share my knowledge through my show One Broken Mom. All of my topics are backed by research and mixed in with my personal experience, so that others may find answers to their own struggles and find a way to have a better life. 



Latest Episode

Ameé launched her show, One Broken Mom, in May of 2018 to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month as well as Mother's Day, Her goal, at that time, was to interview experts in the field of childhood trauma and parenting in order to collect anecdotes for a future book about the role of mothers in our society. 


However, the show evolved over the course of the first season, and Ameé found a rhythm which included diving in deep with the subject matter, favoring a long-form format instead of shorter, more frequent episodes. Soon, the book content was an after-thought to building episode upon episode of candid, thoughtful conversations with experts as well as "regular people" about what growing up is like for many and the path forward to healing from those experiences. 

While the show does touch on parenting, as many listeners know, "no children are required" in order to gain something from the episodes. And that is because what links us all together is not that we are parents but that we had or have parents.

Ameé takes the listeners on a non-judgemental path of understanding our lives and our parent's lives and how culture, society, and our scientific knowledge have all influenced what know and didn't know about brain architecture during childhood. As she says many times "This is not about finger pointing or shame. This is about taking an honest look at what happened when we were growing up and what we have to do to stop and heal." 

A final note about the title:  Ameé intentionally chose to use the word "Broken" not because she felt weak or victimized by her experiences and circumstances but because she is a believer in that "When you are able to stop ignoring and safely admit that you need healing or repair to do for yourself, that is when the real magic in your life begins."

2019 Nominee for WEGO Health Awards

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