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mental health & self improvement with a punk rock attitude

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One Broken Mom was created in 2018 after personal transformation spurred me on to create a revolution in how we talk about trauma and mental health. Described as "punk rock meets mental health and parenting," the shows are direct and honest conversations with leading therapists, researchers, and advocates in the areas of trauma, emotional neglect, narcissistic abuse, relationships, suicide prevention, parenting, co-dependency, and more. As a leader and entrepreneur, I also speak to how trauma impacts us in our work lives and experiences.


The topics are serious but the goal is to balance candor, boldness, empathy, and even a sense of humor to each interview. Listeners learn to make changes in their personal and professional lives by gaining a greater understanding of themselves and the people around them. 

The show has been on hiatus since 2022 for many great reasons but still available and being downloaded daily around the world.


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