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Parent-Child Enmeshment with Dr. Margaret Rutherford

In the season finale, Ameé welcomes to the show Dr. Margaret Rutherford. She has been a psychologist in private practice for over twenty-five years. She hosts a podcast called SelfWork with Dr. Margaret Rutherford and in November of 2019, published her book Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression.

Due to messages from many listeners as well as having a front row seat to the dynamic of enmeshment, Ameé is tackling the topic with Margaret to help raise the awareness of it for families who may not understand the differences between healthy parent-child relationships and what happens when they are too involved.

We see a lot today not enough connection between parents and children for fear of “ruining” them, sadly especially with boys and mothers. But enmeshment is swinging the pendulum all the way to the other side. In this episode, you will hear:

  • Is there really a fine line between a healthy connection and enmeshment? 

  • Margaret's personal experiences with enmeshment

  • The relationship of narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder with enmeshment

  • What are the major consequences to adult children from an enmeshed relationship with a parent



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