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Healing From Childhood PTSD with Anna Runkle

This week's episode comes from a listener suggestion who emailed Ameé and said "Can you please interview Anna Runkle? Her Crappy Childhood Fairy course changed my life!" 

Anna Runkle is a coach and writer who recovered from her own Childhood PTSD and teachers others to heal the brain dysregulation that so often flows from early trauma and change self-defeating behaviors common to people with Childhood PTSD.

For anyone who's listened to the Season 2 monologue Ameé did, you would have heard Ameé share a particular moment in her life experiences that stood out and had lifelong consequences because as it would be determined 40 years later in therapy, the experience and the lack of caregiving following became a post-traumatic stress disorder for Ameé. 

In fact, many adults have had traumatic and adverse experiences growing up that have gone unrecognized for decades that have created long-term problems for them such as emotional dysregulation, problems with focus that may have been misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD, as well as anxiety and depression. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The differences here between the PTSD we are familiar with veterans, first responders, victims of violence, etc. versus the traumas of childhood that have similar impacts on the brain of a child

  • What kinds of events can be viewed as traumatic for children that adults might not see in that way 

  • What are the signs an adult may have unhealed PTSD

  • Strategies for gaining control and starting the healing process 




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