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What To Do When Your Teen is Acting Like an A-Hole with Jax Anderson

For parents with teens, tweens or kids that will be at some point, this episode is a great one to listen to. Ameé speaks with a favorite repeat guest, Jax Anderson - a Wisconsin-based family therapist that specializes in teenagers. Together, they have a frank (meaning adult words) and super helpful conversation about how to parent teenagers when they are acting their worst.

As Ameé mentions in the episode, it's always really easy to parent when things are good and pat yourself on the back for your awesome skills but messy feelings are a part of life and our kids have more of them than our co-workers or friends do (and if that's not a true statement - rethink your job and your friends! Seriously.)

So, showing up and parenting when our kids' act, quite frankly, like a-holes is super tough - especially if you have wounds yourself and the confrontations trigger you. Jax provides some real tips and insights on how to do this. AND, guess what? If you actually practice and use them, I bet that the incidences of difficult, disrespectful behavior, will actually decrease.




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