VIDEO: Viewing Our Brains As An Eco-System

Some of you will recognize the topic since I've posted about it before. But as you know, I have been on an impassioned mission to share this awareness with others - as I have heard from many adults in their 30's, 40's and 50's who still can't seem to put the finger on what is troubling them in their lives.

Why they aren't as successful in their careers as they'd hoped they'd be by now.

Why they are on their second or third marriages.

Why their children seem angry, or sad, or distracted.

My goal is to not only help others begin to understand how to unlock the doors to their personal happiness but, if they are parents, they also start to see the neglect they received as children that they could be passing down to their children.

We automatically parent from what we were taught or shown. Once we become aware of the short-comings, then we are able to make the profound changes in our actions & behaviors required to break the chain.

Wake up!


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