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Toxic Families: Holiday Edition with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

There is nothing like the holidays to add the fun to "dysfunctional families", right?

Ameé brings back repeat guest, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen to talk about holidays with toxic family members and also about dispelling the BS behind the idea that you HAVE to spend the holidays with people you choose not to see the rest of the year.

In this episode, you will hear: 

  • First, deciding yes or no to seeing family over the holidays

  • Are there good reasons to NOT let your kids see or spend time with certain family members? 

  • How to handle shared custody and holidays with kids

  • How to prepare for the known problems you expect to encounter

  • Religion – how to balance everyone’s beliefs – especially with faiths or agnostic/atheist beliefs

  • What to expect during your first holiday you choose to skip out on 

  • Tips on recovering after the fact


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