The Startling Effects of Childhood Moves

Sitting here, following a thread for research for my book and I came across this important information that I want to share now - in case any of you out there are experiencing this...

This is from a study on the effects of moving children frequently as they are growing up (the second one I've read this morning). The notion everyone carries is "Kids will be fine - they adapt." But here's the truth - maybe as kids they seem to sort it out BUT it effects them as adults. In fact, in more harmful ways than we may ever imagined.

The studies have shown that because of moving kids around, especially in their formative teen/pre-teen years, there is a disruption in their abilities to form long-term relationships - which are crucial to our emotional well-being. The outcome is that later in life, when it's more important to have those relationships, the impacts become more profound. In fact, people who moved around more as kids, simply die younger.

Yes. Disrupting your kids regularly can lead to a shorter life for them. Especially if making new friends is hard for them. Think about that.

"The focused on a number of negative outcomes including suicide attempts, criminality, psychiatric disorders, drug abuse, and unnatural mortality. Moving during childhood was linked to increased incidence of all these negative outcomes later in life. Moving multiple times in a single year made long-term harms even more likely.

And the group of youngsters most likely to feel the ill effects of moving are kids in early adolescence, between 12 and 14. A child who goes through a residential move at age 14 has double the risk of suicide by middle age. Her risks of engaging in violent crime of abusing drugs more than double. And these risk ratios hold true even after controlling for parents’ income and psychiatric history."



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