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The Neuroscience of the Teenage Brain with Jax Anderson

For parents with teens, tweens or kids that will be at some point, this episode is another great one to listen to. Ameé speaks with a favorite repeat guest, Jax Anderson - a Wisconsin-based family therapist that specializes in teenagers. 

In this episode, Ameé and Jax talk about the neuroscience of adolescent brain development so that parents (and ever ourselves) can gain a greater understanding of the real biological and neurological changes happening in a tween and teenagers life. 

Our parents and their parents don't know what science knows now and that is a very long period of brain architecture and development happens between the ages of 12 until 25 years old! This is completely different than what many had thought about the way the brain forms and also gives us a better understanding of why teenagers act the way they do and what we REALLY need to do to parent them the right way through this period.


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