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The Naked Podcaster: Ameé Quiriconi

"This is one of the most raw, honest, incredibly vulnerable interviews I’ve ever done. Being a Mom isn’t always a happy thing and Ameé tells us why she felt that way, how she really felt, what she did about it and how she moves forward within it. 

Her goal is to spread awareness through honest & accessible conversations with experts as well as share stories from other Broken Moms. The evidence is in the science (real biology & neuroscience) that our childhood experiences are a part of our brain development and if we experienced adversity or toxic stress, we have neural pathways formed from them. THAT was the part that made the difference for me. But we also have mental health stigmas that prevent us from talking openly. She put herself ALL the way out there – and it works. However, talking about childhood trauma is really actually hard because people don’t know how to do it without pissing off their family or making their parents feel bad. So, her show and purpose is to do this all without judgment or shame. "

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