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The Biggest Taboo: Incest with Nancy Allen

Today Ameé tackles perhaps the most taboo topic in the world throughout history: Incest.  Her guest, Nancy Allen – a father-daughter incest survivor, is the founder of Tail of the Bell, an organization that offers coaching and resources to other incest survivors. 

Trigger Warning: Nancy speaks very candidly about the abuse she endured at the hands of her father. So, if you have experienced sexual assault, there could be some triggering moments during the interview for you! 

The psychological impacts of this particular form of abuse are devastating. When a child is conflicted with trying to understand what their relationship is with an older sibling or parent and then also engaging in sexual acts before their own brains and bodies are ready for it, it leaves wounds that, as Nancy says, you don't just "get over it." 

In this episode you will hear:  

  • Nancy's story of abuse by her father

  • What is the common feeling incest survivors have about themselves?

  • How she compartmentalized as she grew up

  • The supportive work environment

  • Does someone need to admit publicly or even to spouses or friends they were sexually abused as a child in order to “heal” or move on? 

  • Men as incest survivors 

  • What services her organization provides 

  • What Nancy recommends as a first step for someone sitting there with this secret and they have never told anyone or addressed their abuse before



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