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Shame, Judgment, Resilience & Ramblings with One Broken Mom part 1

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Lara Currie, a business communications coach who specializes in working with clients in high-stress/high-conflict fields through her practice Difficult Happens. I wouldn't say we 'rambled' per se but I would agree that we had such a fine time - two mental health nerds chatting away - that our topic to discuss some of the judg-y comments I have gotten since I started my journey evolved into a bigger, more involved conversation. It was so good, we didn't want to stop so my interview is now a two-part. The point was - and we do cover it - is that when you make a choice to be transparent about your failings, mistakes, and foibles so that you build trust with people who are similarly wounded and "broken", it can set you up to some extreme criticisms. Shortly after I started doing my blog and podcast, one person took social media to call me a "piece of shit" for being the kind of mother who would leave her kids. Other's comment that I use my show as my therapy couch and just want to sit around and talk about myself with my guests and have nothing special to offer.

So, we talk about what do you do when that happens - how do you handle criticisms? What does it really mean when someone wants to attack? And, despite one's best efforts to heal themselves so that they don't make the same mistakes again, does that shame ever really go away.

Now, because Lara and I both share an interest in how our mental health affects our business lives, we even talk a bit about my new project, The LeadHERship Collaborative, and what it was like to teach woman how to note their bodies as I began to break down what is really going on in the background when we find ourselves in conflict or stress at work.

What you’ll hear in this podcast:

How dysfunction impacts you

Why Childhood trauma informs the way you communicate

How natural consequences benefit us

Why there is an epidemic  of the “Parentification of children

”The Fight flight or  freeze response and how it can  manifest in strange ways like checking out &  overworking

What judgment really is

How assumptions can alter your perception

How your ‘library of information’ filters your perception of what is happening

When Nervous system on autopilot – how to respond, not react

What  is a Trigger, and a triggered reaction

Why if someones ‘door is closed’ you cannot change them

You can be a ninja, block, delete, ignore

Exercising compassion

Having empathy and compassion does not mean you have to tolerate bad behavior

Why feeling shame is okay

How we can attract dysfunction when we are not aware

Why anger may be a mask emotion

The role of creating safety

How your personal life impacts your work life

Why your body knows what your conscious mind doesn’t

Why Entrepreneurs are a special breed

What is resiliency

The real problem in corporations is zero self-awareness

External  vs internal expressions of your conflict personality type

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