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Self Sabotage, Emotional Immaturity and Self Awareness with Ameé Quiriconi

"Ameé Quiriconi  from the Podcast One Broken Mom joins us today on The Flourish Podcast. Ameé is a force to reckond with, a single mum of two she’s a business consultant who’s side hustle examines; parenting, mental health and self improvement through her podcast. Together we discuss the ins and outs of self sabotage; why we do it, how to stop it and are we to blame? This was so enlightening to record and I’m so blessed to have such an Inspirational Women on my show!"

In this episode, Ameé sits down with Katie Warren, the host of The Flourish Podcast, a UK-based podcast for Millennial women. In addition to discussing how to stop self-sabotaging actions and behaviors, Ameé discusses with Katie how to set goals and even ventures into relationships and dating.

Listen Here:

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