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Real Men Feel: Ep. 126, One Broken Mom’s Thoughts on Men

This week Andy Grant is joined by the host of the One Broken Mom podcast, Ameé Quiriconi. As a former wife, and always a mom, Ameé has concerns about the mental health of men, raising a son, dating, and more.

“When we pretend we are perfect, we miss tremendous opportunities to heal and repair.” ~ Ameé Quiriconi

We found that women face many of the same challenges men do, specifically; hiding behind masks, not being encouraged to express emotions, fear that they can’t keep up with expectations, and dealing with the judgment of others.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Tell me about your podcast, One Broken Mom

  • Why call it broken?

  • Did being with a man who wasn’t in touch with his emotions or trauma make things more difficult?

  • Stigmas and expectations around motherhood

  • A violation of a primal trust can shut us down

  • What are some of the best ways you feel repaired?

  • What is the biggest trauma most men experience?

  • Has raising a son changed your perspective on men?

  • Can you have the sort of conversations you have with your son with adult men?

  • Do you want to remain single?

  • Boundaries, codependancy, and fixing

  • Confusing intimacy with intensity

  • Is there something you wish all men realized?

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