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Becoming Unstoppable with Dr. Ronda Beaman

Have you ever had a week where everything went wrong? It might have been an awful day or even just one challenging situation. But then the next day, something else happened to knock you down, and before you know it, your whole week has gone by in a spiral of sadness and hopelessness. You feel like nothing is going right for you--like life is out to get you. This may sound familiar to many people who are trying to balance work with their personal lives while also coping with stressors of all kinds on top of that. What if it doesn't need to be this way? That there are ways we can learn from our experiences and find resilience within ourselves so that we become unstoppable no matter what. In this episode, Dr. Ronda Beaman talks with Ameé about resilience and building it up in ourselves. You'll learn if you are born resilient or not, why we need more of it in the world today, what things can actually reduce your own personal level of resilience even if you already have some built up, and finally best strategies for building strength both inside yourself as well as within others around you. Resources: Little Miss Merit Badge

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