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Meditation for Regular People with Jen Johannsen

In this episode Ameé interviews Jen Johannsen, a school psychologist turned meditation teacher to talk about mediation for every day, stressed out people. 

As much fun as it is to always be picking off scabs on wounds and to commiserate about who messed us up and why, the reality is the road to healing must be balanced.

Knowing everything doesn’t change anything. We have a nervous system and a body that needs to be re-tuned, especially if we have childhood trauma and adverse experiences to heal from. And that means that we need as many tools and resources available to us to help us gain control of the sympathetic nervous system that gets triggered and forces us into the autopilot that we know is sometimes hurting us so that we can stop using the neuropathways that hurt us and being strengthening the news ones that will help. 

That's why learning about simple ways to incorporate the healing benefits of mediation into our lives is an important part of a holistic approach to recovery and self-improvement.  

In this episode you will hear:  

  • The history of meditation and its uses

  • The evidence-based benefits of meditation on the brain and body

  • What is meditation NOT?

  • The myths about meditations

  • Different types of meditation styles and processes


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