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How to Have Difficult Conversations with Lara Currie

On this episode, Ameé speaks again with Lara Currie, who is a self-proclaimed communication nerd and author of the book Difficult Happens: How Triggers, Boundaries & Emotions Impact You Every Day to talk about having difficult conversations at work or with others by understanding our triggers and adapted conflict personalities affect us.

Lara works as a communications expert with companies that deal with high-conflict situations, such as legal firms, medical, and others. She can coach people one-on-one or train entire teams on how to manage or diffuse stressful and difficult meetings or conversations.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Conflict personality types and how to figure out what type we might be? 

  • Skills for diffusing a difficult situation

  • How to handle a boss with low social or emotional intelligence

  • Venting and what we need to know about our work "friendships"How to gain perspective about “unwinnable” conversations

  • Good ways to express our disagreements with another person or idea 

  • How can we come back to the topic later and invite the discussion again 

Resources Lara's Website: Link to Lara's Podcast:


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