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How to Find Love After A Relationship With a Narcissist with Wendy Behary

This episode is a continuation of the topic narcissistic relationships due to many people writing to Ameé  – men and women – expressing their frustrations at repeating the patterns of falling into bed (literally and figuratively) with the same type of person over and over again. 

So, for those of you still falling off the wagon and finding themselves attracted to another charismatic, over-the-top flattering personality, Ameé brings back to the show Wendy Behary, the author of "Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed" and the founder and Director of The Cognitive Therapy Center of New Jersey and The Schema Therapy Institutes of NJ-NYC and DC, to talk with Ameé about the next steps on your journey towards finding more secure relationships – not just the ones with other people but more importantly – the secure relationship with YOURSELF.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How will a person feel right after they have left a narcissistic/emotionally manipulative partner? 

  • What should a person do then for themselves once they've left an emotionally traumatic situation like this? 

  • Should they start dating someone new right away or wait?  

  • What are some key self-examination things one should be doing or looking for about their relationship patterns? 

  • What are the non-negotiable RED flags one has to look for if they want to avoid choosing another emotionally abusive partner? 

  • Is there a dating process one could do, intentionally, so that red flags can be drawn out sooner than later. 

  • What is the best way to break up or break it off with a narcissist?




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