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How to Avoid Emotional Takeovers with Dr. Lindsay Gibson

Many people out there listening who have identified with the realization that they grew up in a household with emotionally immature parents

And growing up in a household of emotionally immature family members – maybe not even just your parents – doesn’t impact us the same way. Our own inner workings and the unique array of experiences – from our DNA to other people who we did or didn’t have in our lives at certain poignant periods – all come together and form the memories that our brains use to access and assess what we have to do next. In split seconds. 

This can mean, we can be caught off guard at times if the right buttons get pushed by someone. And that’s why Ameé has fan-favorite Dr. Lindsay Gibson back on the show to talk about how to avoid falling prey to the emotional takeovers commonly used by emotionally immature people to coerce us into taking care of their issues for them. She is the Author of Adult Children of Emotionally-Immature Parents and her newest book, Recovering from Emotionally Immature Parents: Practical Tools to Establish Boundaries & Reclaim Your Emotional Autonomy

On this episode, you will hear: 

  • The emotionally immature relationship system (EIRS) what is this and how do we detect it 

  • Now EIPS (emotionally immature people) see the world through a distortion field – what does that mean? 

  • How does an EIP develop this distortion field? 

  • Now what happens to if we accept their view of the world?

  • Disassociation is something that can happen to us when we are locked into the emotionally immature relationship system. Can you describe what that is and how that might look and feel?

  • How do we know we are being lured into someone’s takeover?

  • Why are we vulnerable to these emotional takeovers? How do we continue to shore up the defenses against these hostilities?

  • What are the preparations and strengthening we can do between these encounters in order to make us more able to resist and to eliminate this threat to our well-being in the future? 


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