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How the Brain Changes in a Relationship with a Narcissist with Dr. Rhonda Freeman

Dr. Freeman is a clinical neuropsychologist based out of Florida. She works with patients diagnosed with many types of neurological conditions including dementia and Alzheimer's. She also writes for Psychology Today, Huffington Post, and Aftermath Surviving Psychopathy. Amee was originally introduced to her and her work because of an article Rhonda had written called 6 Obstacles to a Relationship With a Psychopath that Amee's therapist shared with her in order to help her understand more of the issues related to detaching from her past relationship.

In this episode, Rhonda shares her personal experience as an emotional abuse survivor at the hands of a narcissist and how she applied her education and experience as a neuroscientist to healing, after trying to work with a therapist wasn't successful for her. You will learn about her process and her information website, Neuroinstincts – which is a neuroscience approach to healing from narcissistic and relational abuse.

In this episode:

How did Rhonda end up in the field of working with narcissistic abuse survivors

What is a psychopath and why is it important to use this term rather than just “Narcissist”?

How can a psychopath appear to be two different people? As a woman who should have “known better” – did she also struggle with the shame?

How does the relationship with a psychopath change the brain of the partner?

What is trauma bonding and what is happening here, neurologically speaking?




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