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How Rheumatoid Disorders, Trauma, and Physiology May Be Linked

In honor of Rheumatoid Awareness Day, Amee speaks again with Veronique Mead,a family physician and assistant professor who changed careers looking for a better understanding and more effective tools for working with chronic illness.

Following their interview in December, Amee applied some of the new information presented and began to see more clearly specific triggers to her disease. In this episode, Dr. Mead talks more deeply about the Cell Danger Response and its possible role in many chronic illnesses, including autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Also, using Amee's real life experiences, Dr. Mead explains what is happening in the nervous system when our bodies natural Fight or Flight responses are instigated when confronted with danger. And how, for some people who have experienced childhood traumas, may be stuck in a "Fight, Flight, or Freeze" response. 

Finally, Amee presents an opportunity for listeners and others with RA to participate in a confidential survey to see if there are some common threads between her experiences with RA, childhood and triggers - in an effort to continue to raise questions and awareness with hopes of finding holistic treatments for RA and other chronic illnesses. 

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