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Gaslighting at Work with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis

How many of you out there have ever had to deal with a co-worker or boss who has said things to you that have made you doubt yourself and wonder if you’re not going a little crazy because they are pretty convinced that the “real world” is very different from the one you are seeing or experiencing. For example, are they charming with everyone else, but controlling and demeaning towards you? Or do you have a co-worker constantly

taking credit for your hard work? Do you have a boss who never admits their mistakes and puts blame on everyone else around them?

Gaslighting is not only a form of emotional abuse but is also recognized as a form of workplace harassment. It is manipulative, controlling, and can make our work and life experiences intolerable. Also, if you have ever experienced abuse in your life, being around these people can be retraumatizing.

In this episode, Ameé speaks with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, the author of Gaslighting: Recognize Manipulative and Emotionally Abusive People – and Break Free.

You will hear:

  • How to recognize the signs of gaslighting

  • How to protect yourself at work from gaslighters, emotionally and legally

  • What a company and human resources need to have in place for reporting harassment claims like this

  • Who is more vulnerable to the inappropriate tactics gaslighters and manipulators use

  • How gaslighting can trigger past abuse trauma and PTSD

  • How important work culture is in establishing a true anti-harassment environment

  • How important hiring is in keeping manipulative and aggressive people out of the company to begin with

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