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From Tragedy to Triumph: The Daughter Left Behind

On this episode, Ameé speaks with Jen Proctor, the founder and CEO of Cultivated Entertainment, a highly successful talent booking agency out of LA and New York, about losing her mother to suicide when Jen was only 13 years old.  

Now, where the loss of a parent can be the kind of trauma that devastates you for life, for Jen it was that tragedy that instilled an inner compass for which she would make balance, wellness and well-being a top priority in her life. And Jen is here with Ameé to talk about her experience and to share with listeners how she turned tragedy into triumph.


In this episode you will hear: 

  • The story of her mom and her mental health struggles

  • What did her support network look like after her mom’s death?

  • How did the experience change her – positively and negatively

  • Was there anything that could have been better or different in terms of support at that time that could have improved any outcomes for her?

  • What her key messages are for others who have suffered the same tragedy


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