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Flourishing Moms and Amee Quiriconi

"Flourishing Moms had the pleasure of chatting with Amee Quiriconi. She is the Host of the Broken Moms Podcast and she shares her journey.  Amee is honest and shares her story of being a broken Mom and what that looks like for her. She dives deep into broken relationships, deep healing, and being reunited with her kids about 7 years of them living with their father. Amee is a light and a hope in the struggles of motherhood.

We don't get an instruction manual when raising kids and typically we bring baggage from our childhood forward. Amee and I discuss the importance of healing and self-care and why that must be present in our lives."

"It's not the proudest moment in my life it is just a moment in my life." Amee Quiriconi

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