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Defense Against Micro-Boundary Violations with Lara Currie

On this episode, Ameé speaks with Lara Currie, who is a self-proclaimed communication nerd and author of the book Difficult Happens: How Triggers, Boundaries & Emotions Impact You Every Day to talk about how manipulators break through our defenses in the first place in a way people never seem coming.

Oh - check out links to Lara's podcast Difficult Happens below in the notes and the link to Joan Jett's Activity Girl video, referenced in the interview.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Lara's expertise in the field of communication

  • Do we respond differently to a manipulator we deal with at work than a manipulator that may be a spouse or parent or friend? 

  • What is a micro-boundary violation? 

  • What are some of the tactics a manipulator uses?

  • How do we defend ourselves against them? 

  • Are there tests we can try – phrases, or questions we can ask or responses we should listen for – that we can use to try to identify someone who is a chronic or pathological manipulator? 


Emotional Manipulation & What to do about it:


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