Chemistry and Change in Our Lives

In chemistry, there is the concept of "activation energy" and "catalysts." The activation energy is the energy required for a change to occur. In the case of lighting a match, gently swiping the tip across the box will not cause it to light. But doing it with more force or energy will and it is obvious that the activation energy has been reached.

The application of this force is the catalyst. In other words, it is an action that caused or accelerated a reaction. A match sitting there will not light on its own. Someone needs to pick it up and strike it.

Why the chemistry lesson today? Well, because this happens in life as well - which shouldn't be surprising since we are merely atoms & molecules ourselves, right? And sometimes we are suspended at a certain state or stage in life because we have not achieved the activation energy necessary to change our habits, patterns or ingrained behaviors. We are a match stick, laying there waiting to do what we are meant to do - catch fire & bring light.

Sometimes people we meet in our lives are meant to receive our light or be our matchbox to protect us until we're ready. While others will show up and tell us we're not meant to shine at all.

And then there are those people or events that are simply the catalyst - knowingly or not. And as humans, our unhappiness in our relationships can occur when we don't know who around is in what role. Or when we haven't realized that we haven't even reached our activation energy yet...

If you have felt like you've not quite achieved the success or happiness you wanted, take a moment to think about this. And let me know how you are doing...


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