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Broken Mom: Mom of 18

Jenn Taylor is a motivational speaker, parenting coach, author, and podcaster. who lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband and 18 children.  That is not a typo. Eighteen children.

Jenn has gone through a period of infertility and then seven pregnancies, a miscarriage that nearly killed her, and has 12 years of foster parenting under her belt. She's been divorced, a single mom and experienced life with a blended family.  In this episode, you will hear Jenn share amazing story of her triumph over her trauma history that included molestation and abuse.

Also in this episode, you will hear:

  • The role her religious background played in her life

  • Her struggles with infertility and her miscarriages

  • What drew her to having a large family

  •  Her coaching and speaking services for parents and people interested in fostering


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