Broken Beyond Repair: A Story of A Mother's Suicide and The Boys Left Behind

The weekend I'm writing this post is a capstone to a week that saw two celebrities commit suicide. First, it was global fashion brand icon Kate Spade on June 5. And then only 3 days later, rock star chef and world traveled, Anthony Bourdain was found dead by a friend. Both were stunning and heartbreaking to so many people who, due to their celebrity status, felt like they knew them.

These two, like many other celebrities who end their lives, seemed to have "everything" - fame, fortune, genius and even devoted and loving families. And yet, having everything is not enough when you are suffering.

And so, the topic of suicide has been a priority for me here on my website for many reasons. As you, the reader, may know know, it has touched our home in many ways over the last year. And while I am vigilant about taking care of my kids today and to do my best to maintain their distance from the perils of suicide, I also have been equally passionate about people my age. And that is because I'm presently living in the moment in life where suicide rates are the highest, especially among men.

Suicide kills more people in the United States and yet is a relatively taboo topic. The media doesn't share stories about attempts by regular citizens because there have been some studies that have linked news stories about suicides with people who attempt it themselves. However, despite this news blackout, suicide rates are increasing regardless.

So, during May, which is not only the Month that houses Mother's Day but also Mental Health Awareness Month, I launched my Podcast, One Broken Mom. I wanted to create a platform where I can have real conversations with authors as well as everyday people, like me, to talk about the world of mental health, self-improvement and parenting - because I have learned - they are all linked together! Since I started this journey down my path, I have discovered that people do want to share and listen, but because of stigmas around mental health, are too afraid to admit that life isn't as awesome as it seems. So, by letting people listen, in the privacy of their own homes or cars, to other "normal" people share openly about their lives, I hope that the fears we have about talking and taking care of our brains will begin to subside.

So, I want to share with you one of my first episodes recorded. It is with two young men who had a Broken Mom who, despite therapies, medications and even hospitalization, couldn't overcome her demons. She committed suicide when they were 13 and 15 years old. The interview is not as much about her story as it theirs - what its like to grow up and lose a Broken Mom and what are the inevitable long-term effects to children and the adults they eventually become. They share not only what happened after her death but also what they wished had happened, so that other families can learn from their experience.

The interview was serious and yet, we were also able to maintain a lighthearted tone as they reflected on their lives as well as their present. But it is safe to say, I was honored by their bravery to have a courageous conversation about something many people are too afraid to ask questions about.

To listen to the full episode, Click Here.

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