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Bold Moves Podcast | Ameé Quiriconi

"This week’s guest, for Bold Moves Podcast Episode 221 Ameé Quiriconi has made some bold moves! After a rough breakup, Ameé let herself fall to rock bottom so she could figure out what the eff was really going on in her head.  Ameé found her mission, to walk along a road of recovery, a few steps ahead of other people, and shine a light ahead of everyone so that we can all have a better life, and help a few parents recognize their own deficiencies that they are passing down to their kids and break some inter-generational junk-parenting that is hurting so many people.

Ameé started her podcast, One Broken Mom, to be direct and straightforward and not afraid to share her stories and to say what others may be afraid to. Please enjoy Bold Moves Podcast Episode 221 Ameé Quiriconi!"

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