One Broken Mom: 5 Signs Your Child Might Benefit From Counseling

I got to record my first ever remote interview for One Broken Mom last week and I'm pretty excited about that.

When I started One Broken Mom, it was to not satiate my own narcissistic tendencies and just create another pulpit for me to blab from but to actually be a gathering spot of experts and specialists in the field of therapy, research, self-improvement and mental health. Would I talk during the interviews? Yes. But was it going to be all about me? No.

Janet Birkey has a practice down in Texas and was a delight to speak with. She has a great blog where she shares tips & insights into issues affected families and it was her video "5 Signs Your Child Might Benefit From Counseling" that spurred this episode one. We took the time to cover the signs and talk about each of them.

Now, while I always disclaim that One Broken Mom is an adult show, due to the important nature of this particular, episode, it is in fact Teen Safe. What that means is I did not cuss. So, if you have a child, tween or teen you are concerned about, this might be the show to pop on and listen with your kids and see if it doesn't spur on some important talks.

Janet also has a video she's created called "How To Talk to Your Child About Depression". Click here to see it.

Listen to the Full Episode Here >>


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