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Why I Prefer Speaking over Coaching

I am an experienced businesswoman with over 18 years at the helm of many organizations - from my own solopreneurial efforts to multi-million dollar companies. Prior to becoming a mental health, parenting and self-improvement advocate, I coached and worked with many start-ups over the years, bringing my understanding of the unique challenges that come with earning the first dollar for any entrepreneur.


Today, because of my work in the fields of mental wellness and self-help, I have uncovered my true purpose which is to bring a thought-provoking harmony of business knowledge with the underlying psychology that affect people and their business success.

So, how do I do that besides my podcast, writing articles, and books? 

First, something else you should know about me if you haven't figured it out from my podcast or YouTube videos: unlike most people, I am as comfortable in a room of hundreds as I am speaking with someone one-on-one. In fact, aside from writing, presenting is one of the most natural things I do.


In other words, I was born to run my mouth. 


But seriously, while I have always been drawn to coaching and mentoring someone one-on-one as far back as high school, it was in college where I fell in love with teaching. What started out as working for the campus tutoring center as a Freshman ended up with a word-of-mouth reputation as being really good at taking the complex and making it simple to understand.


As a result, tutoring sessions with five students turned into me grabbing a lecture hall or classroom and leading large test prep and study sessions with dozens of people at a time, distilling topics like calculus, physics, and algebra down to the concepts people needed to understand. And when I felt this genuine high from swapping high-fives with them when they passed their exams afterwards, I was hooked and knew that one day I'd want to be a teacher.


While personal coaching is all the rage now, I do still offer it for entrepreneurs only and in very limited numbers. And that is because I want to leave myself room to write books and articles, teach, and produce my podcast. So when I do work with others, it is truly keynote speaking, doing interviews, or presenting to groups of people in a seminar or workshop that brings a whole other dynamic that not only feeds my soul, but provides a richer, more collaborative learning experience that benefits everyone.  


As a speaker, my style is natural, somewhat light-hearted, and I think I'm funny (my kids, however, think I'm awkward.) Regardless, I speak like I write, getting to the points directly while making a potentially scientific subject very conversational and relatable. And because I've been training & working on my public speaking since I was a teenager, I have developed the emotional & social intelligence skills that help make me slightly better than a person pushing the advance button on a PowerPoint presentation.


What I mean is I am not just a speaker - I'm a flexible communicator who responds to the dynamics of the group, and can ensure I have captured the attention and engagement of the attendees. I might crack a joke every once in awhile but I'm serious when I say I speak for results - which is to make sure I have taught everyone what they came to learn. 

My speaking and presentation experience ranges from small classes to large conference panels, podcasts to television appearances, self-help summits to one-on-one webinars, college classes to business networking groups, and so on. And obviously because of my podcast experience, I can be a well-prepared host and interviewer for your event. 


I can be the expert or I can moderate a panel of people smarter than me - just let me know how I can help you. 

  • ​Woman-Owned Businesses

  • ​Entrepreneurship & Small Business Skills

  • Self-Development & Self-Help

  • Trauma-Informed Parenting

  • Motivational

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adulthood

  • Start-Up Skills for Micro Businesses

  • Women, Money, and Confidence

  • Having a Purpose-Driven Business

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Relationships - Romantic, Family, Professional

  • ​Marketing, Branding, and Storytelling

  • Communication Skills & Assertiveness

  • Understanding & Developing Social Intelligence

  • Understanding Our Personalities

  • Developing Resiliency

  • Turning Side Hustles into the Main Hustle

  • Women, Gender Biases & Stereotypes in Business

  • Growing From a Solo to Hiring Employees

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practices and Business

  • And More...

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