This is how I can help you.

Writing. Speaking. Teaching. Coaching.

Here a few of the ways I love to help people...


First, I love writing about as much as I love talking and teaching. So everything I know and learn starts out as written words and then turns into a podcast or teaching topic. I also love to help others through writing, either articles or books, because it's a private and cost-effective way for people to start their personal development and self-help journey. I don't save up all my knowledge and then make someone sign up for an expensive seminar or one-on-one coaching to learn from me. Maybe that's the anti-establishment, punk-rock "Activity Grrrl" in me. Don't know what that means? Click the link and you'll understand.

Instead, I use to writing to earn your trust. If you like what I say and it helps, and you want more, contact me. If I can help you through writing alone, that is actually pretty amazing and that is all I really want anyways - to help people. 


Second, I am an extrovert who gets a buzz from being able to run my mouth. And I speak like I write, getting to the points directly while making a potentially scientific subject very conversational and relatable. I've been training & working on my public speaking since literally I was a teenager. As a result, I have developed the emotional & social intelligence skills that help make me slightly better than a person pushing the advance button on a PowerPoint presentation.


What I mean is I am not just a speaker - I'm a flexible communicator who responds to the dynamics of the group, and can ensure I have captured the attention and engagement of the attendees. I might crack a joke every once in awhile but I'm serious when I say I speak for results - which is to make sure I have taught everyone what they came to learn. 

My speaking and presentation experience ranges from small classes to large conference panels, podcasts to television appearances, self-help summits to one-on-one webinars, college classes to business networking groups, and so on. 


But seriously, while I have always been drawn to coaching and mentoring someone one-on-one as far back as high school, it was in college where I fell in love with teaching. What started out as working for the campus tutoring center as a Freshman ended up with a word-of-mouth reputation as being really good at taking the complex and making it simple to understand.


As a result, tutoring sessions with five students turned into me grabbing a lecture hall or classroom and leading large test prep and study sessions with dozens of people at a time, distilling topics like calculus, physics, and algebra down to the concepts people needed to understand. And when I felt this genuine high from swapping high-fives with them when they passed their exams afterwards, I was hooked and knew that one day I'd want to be a teacher.



While personal coaching is all the rage now, I do offer business and executive coaching for entrepreneurs only and in very limited numbers. I am certified in several coaching specialties such as business and entrepreneurship plus cognitive behavioral techniques. And I love entrepreneurship so much, that I have tailored the experiences I have in personal development, childhood trauma and how it manifests in our professional and business into my coaching services.

Areas I help small businesses & entrepreneurs with include:

  • Setting personal and professional goals and linking to overall business planning

  • Creating strategic plans for business development

  • Improving teamwork, leadership, and communication

  • Developing marketing, branding, and sales strategies

  • Performing market research and use it 

  • Getting control of personal and business finances

  • Understanding & overcoming personal and professional hurdles blocking success

Contact me today and we can talk about anything from this list: 
  • ​Woman-Owned Businesses

  • ​Entrepreneurship & Small Business Skills

  • Self-Development & Self-Help

  • Trauma-Informed Parenting

  • Motivational

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adulthood

  • Start-Up Skills for Micro Businesses

  • Women, Money, and Confidence

  • Having a Purpose-Driven Business

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Relationships - Romantic, Family, Professional

  • ​Marketing, Branding, and Storytelling

  • Communication Skills & Assertiveness

  • Understanding & Developing Social Intelligence

  • Understanding Our Personalities

  • Developing Resiliency

  • Turning Side Hustles into the Main Hustle

  • Women, Gender Biases & Stereotypes in Business

  • Growing From a Solo to Hiring Employees

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practices and Business

  • And More...


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