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become courageous

become unstoppable

become authentic

become fearless

The Fearless Woman's Workshops are about breaking free from the constraints of our past and societal expectations with expert guidance, tools, and a chance to build your herd of goal-crushing, freedom-seeking Pollyannas. From the fear of being authentic to the fear of failure, our fears can keep us from achieving freedom and success.


In this series of hands-on workshops based on the groundbreaking book, The Fearless Woman's Guide to Starting a Business, you will get to put the words into practice and learn how to craft a fearless life that may look different and better than what you imagined it could be. 

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how to get paid what you're worth

length: 4 hours

Are you a side hustler, craft or hobby business owner, or an entrepreneur who hasn't been able to pay themselves a salary yet in their business?


Are you just starting your business and want to know the right way to get your financial plan in order so that you can hit your goals sooner than later?


If you answered "Yes" to either statement, then this workshop is for you!


In this workshop, you will:

  • Identify any self-limiting beliefs, mindsets, and money disorders that you may have

  • Identify and quantify your financial goals for yourself and your business

  • Learn basic business financial literacy such as setting budgets, sales targets, and using market research

  • Learn how to calculate the prices you should be charging for your goods or services

The workshop includes downloadable materials, including pre-formatted financial spreadsheets, for you to use in class as well as your own business.

becoming courageous: communicate with confidence

length: 4 hours

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the origins of our personal communication styles

  • Identify your personal communication style

  • Learn strategies to overcome your fears of speaking, negotiating, or holding personal and professional boundaries

  • Learn and practice the skills of social intelligence required to be successful in business and leadership

this workshop is perfect for people with a fear of speaking, lack of confidence during negotiating, or want to improve their influence or selling skills.

want to sponsor a workshop?

Contact me if you would like to sponsor and host an in-person or online workshop for your organization, business, or conference. 


This option is great if you or your group offers professional development and learning for your members, customers, or employees. 


Workshops may also be customized for length to suit your event.

Special discounts available for Non-Profits.

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